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Buy An Ancestor Online: I think this site is fake. At first it appeared a little sketchy looking but I was not sure if it was actually fake yet. Then, I went to their "monthly specials" and saw that the presidents could be worth up to $100,000 depending on the president. There is no way a legit card with a president and his wife on it would be worth that much money and the set up for prices looked completely fake also. I would never trust this site and all of the reviews suggest that someone would be stupid to trust this site.

Dog Island: I believe that this website is also a fraud. I am almost positive that nobody would send their dog to an island with no people just dogs. Also in the FAQ it said that there were rabbits released on the island for the dogs to eat. I don't think anyone would want their dog eating rabbits and living in a cave. This can't be real and most likely the dogs would die in these conditions.

Ova Prima Foundation: I believe this site is real. The…